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Travel Photos from Asia

Click here for images of Beijing
Photos from a trip tp Northern India
Sri-Lanka photos
Sri Lanka
Japan pictures

Clicking on the above pictures, you will get to galleries of photos from China, India, Japan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Among others there you'll find impressions from a cruise on the Yang Tze river with its famous gorges, the ghats of Varanasi, a Kabuki Theatre performance in Kyoto, Buddha statues in a cave in Dambulla and a sunset over lake Pokhara in Nepal.
However, there is more: I also have a photo log where I regularly upload new pictures from my travels to Asian countries, including
India, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the United Emirates.
Also, photographic Impressions by other photographers from many more Asian countries are available in the Asia section of my guest gallery.
By the way: if you have beautiful pictures of your own, why not submit them to the Guest gallery?

If you want to find out more about Asia in general, Wikipedias Asia entry is a good starting point: there you'll find the basic facts and numbers, articles on the history of Asian countries, Asian religions and the economy of Asia.
For practical travel information, there's Lonely Planet destination Asia, Yahoo Asia Travel forum and the newsgroup which can be read via Google.

May I also invite you to Online Photo Galleries, - my other web site containing thematic galleries? Examples: "Light in the Dark" - available light photography, "Religions of the World", "AiKiDo" - a martial arts gallery, "Wildlife" and "Face of the Earth" showcasing the diversity of landscapes in many countries.



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